This is an ongoing list of the articles reviewed in the various ELT Research Blog Carnivals together with a link to the article (if possible) and the blog post:

Chang, A. C-S., and Reid, J. (2006). The effects of listening support on the listening performance of EFL listeners. Tesol Quarterly, 40(2). 375-397. Reviewed by Nathan Hall in the 1st carnival.

Goh, Christine. (1996). Metacognitive awareness and second language listenersELT Journal, 51(4). 361-369. Reviewed by Lizzie Pinnard in the 1st carnival.

Hawke, Philip. (2010). Using internet- sourced podcasts in independent listening courses: Legal and pedagogical implicationsJALT CALL Journal, 6(3). 219-234. Reviewed by Glen Cochrane in the 1st carnival.

Kemp, J. (2010). The Listening Log: motivating autonomous learningELT Journal, 64(4), 385-95. Reviewed by Carol Goodey in the 1st carnival.

Mendelsohn, D. (2002). The Lecture Buddy Project: An Experiment in EAP Listening Comprehension. TESL Canada Journal 20(1). 64-73. Reviewed by Tyson Seburnt in the 1st carnival.

Siegal, Joseph and Siegal, Aki. (2013). Empirical and Attitudinal Effects of Bottom-up Listening Activities in the L2 Classroom. ELT World Online, 5. 1-25. Reviewed by Carissa Peck in the 1st carnival.

Thorn, Sheila. (2009). Mining listening textsModern English Teacher, 18(2). 5-13. Reviewed by Steve Brown in the 1st carnival.


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