Preparing for the 2nd ELT Research Blog Carnival

number 2

Image courtesy of Jon Jordan

Thank you to all who participated in, read, and shared the 1st ELT Research Blog Carnival. I don’t know about all of you, but I think it was a success. As a result, I would like to open things up for discussion regarding the next carnival. We need to decide on a few things:

  1. Topic: Last time we had a fairly broad topic in listening and that worked well, especially for the first go around. We can either do another open topic, or we can get more specific.
  2. Date: I chose the last date to make sure people could get involved before the start of the school year in many parts of the world. We can either make it a short date, say a month or so, or farther off, such as November.
  3. Host: I hosted the 1st carnival on my site and I would love it if someone else would take up the reins this time and host it on their blog. It would require collecting all of the posts and doing a short summary for each. You can use my post as a template, but you are also open to doing something different.

If you would like to host the carnival, just add a note in the comment section.

Thank you!


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